We can do so much better!

As US cit­i­zens, our tax money funded the cre­ation of the Inter­net, yet we don’t even have the con­sumer choice to have easy access to a gen­eral com­mu­nity Inter­net alter­na­tive that is free from hard­core inap­pro­pri­ate mate­r­ial. Quite incred­i­bly, we don’t have easy access to an Inter­net option that is in com­pli­ance with already exisit­ing fed­eral laws meant to pro­tect children.

How is this pos­si­ble? It’s time for respon­si­ble adults to fight back! Any­more than we would sit back and let health­care providers include ille­gal, harm­ful drugs in what they deliv­ered to our chil­dren, we need to press our leg­is­la­tors to stop Inter­net Ser­vice Providers from deliv­er­ing ille­gal, harm­ful, porno­graphic mate­r­ial to our chil­dren if we don’t want it! We need each and every Inter­net Ser­vice Provider to pro­vide us with access to at least one gen­eral com­mu­nity Inter­net option that is safe for our chilren. We can do so much better!


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