Time for the 85%

In this mod­ern, high-tech age we have no excuse for not hav­ing a gen­eral com­mu­nity Inter­net alter­na­tive that is in com­pli­ance with US fed­eral obscen­ity laws meant to pro­tect our chil­dren. It doesn’t mat­ter if this is due to com­pla­cency, lack of leg­isla­tive will, or due to the lob­by­ing efforts of com­mer­cial interests–the result is the same. Chil­dren can’t do this for them­selves. We can and must take a stand. We can and must pres­sure Con­gress to make this happen!

An atti­tu­di­nal poll con­ducted by Com­mon Sense Media in June 2006, showed that 85% of par­ents believe that the Inter­net posed the great­est risk to their chil­dren among all forms of media. Now is the time for this 85% to let their voices be heard.

Please begin today, and sign and send along the petition!

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