Petition to Pass Children’s Online
Safety Legislation

There is growing evidence that the exponential increase in hardcore Internet pornography is contributing to serious public health and safety concerns: violence against women, sex-trafficking, and child sexual abuse. Allowing a whole generation of children to grow up with easy access to hardcore, sexually violent pornography as a societal norm—with a view that sexual exploitation and violence is routine and comical—can only result in further tragedy. Now is the time for action. The stakes are too high!

Please sponsor and support legislation that will require:

  1. Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”) to provide a default “general community” Internet option, free of hardcore inappropriate material (customers can still easily opt out to an unfiltered version of the Internet if they so choose).

  2. Age-18 verification for adult pornography sites (as currently occurs with online gambling).

  3. Strict enforcement of existing federal law (Title 18) when it comes to extreme, sexually violent pornography on the Internet (similar to child porn enforcement)

The Internet was created by government-sponsored initiatives paid for by citizens of the United States. Yet there is no mandate to provide access to the Internet that is free of hardcore, sexually violent Internet pornography for our children, in compliance with clear federal law (Title 18). The responsibility for delivering safe access to the Internet for our children must be placed on the providers of the Internet, not on the victims of unwanted Internet pornography. As broadband expands to ever more families around the country—as a part of the very fabric of our society—it becomes ever more important to provide access to the Internet that is safe and appropriate for minors.

Let’s pass legislation to promote Internet safety and the public health of our children!